Maneki Motion

What We Do

We create amazing animated videos to market you brand, services and products.

Animated Marketing Videos

Animated videos are the most effective way to get your message across in the modern marketplace.

At Maneki Motion we help businesses and organisations around the world spread their message through the creation of animated marketing videos. Our videos are used on websites, shared on social media, used in presentations and marketing events to promote our clients and present them in the most appealing way.

A super-simple process:

Script & art style

We write your script and come up with an art style that will best represent your message.

Voice-over & music

We find the best voice over artist to record the audio and pair it with some fantastic music.


We get to work creating the high-quality animation to bring your vision to life.

Revision & handover

Once you’re completely satisfied, the final product rendered is rendered in HD!

Types of video:

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos

Get across ten minutes’ worth of information in 60 seconds with an explainer video.

Marketing is all about communication. Explainer videos are the most effective way to communicate a message to your target market. The combination of moving images, voice-over and music, reaches the audience to an extent not possible though other marketing methods.

How much do they cost?

Social Media Videos

In a world of constant bombardment and short attention spans, awesome animated videos help you stand out and deliver your message in a way that makes your followers take notice.

From 8 seconds to 45 seconds, animated videos are the most effective media format across all the social media platforms.

Multiple videos can be made at a discounted price >

Social Media Videos

Promotional Videos

Promo Videos

With animation the only limit is your imagination!

Animated videos let you present your brand exactly how you want it. They let you compete on the same level as companies with huge marketing budgets because they can be made for a fraction of the price of their live-action counterparts.

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Presentation Videos

Whether it’s in-house or a presentation to clients, animated presentation videos are fantastic tools to get across information and dazzle your audience.

Using animation is not only a great way to liven up a presentation, it is the most effective way to represent data and demonstrate the information derived from it.

Costing for presentation videos >

Presentation Videos